February 28, 2015

Race registration is online only and limited to the first 60 people.  There is no wait list.  Once it closes, that is who gets to play.

The race director this year, Sandra Biller, can be contacted by emailing: sandra.biller@gmail.com


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Cost: FREE ENTRY (donations accepted to cover food costs)
  • Limited to 60 participants total, so please register early and only register if you plan on attending.
  • There is NO race-day registration.  You MUST register online and ahead of time to ensure that you receive important pre-race updates and instructions.

Race Info:

 11 mile single loop ‘classic’ race: 

Hilly, cold, and windy, but stunningly beautiful loop that circles the Twin Mountain massif while winding through massive rock outcroppings and valleys.  Racers will encounter long stretches of thigh deep snow, some ice, and 2000 feet of climbing.  One unmanned, basic aid station will be found midway around the loop.  Very challenging.Winners will complete the loop in around two hours, others can expect to take three to five hours.

22 mile double loop ‘marathon’ race:

Two of the 11-mile loops run in the same direction (in case you missed something the first time).  In addition to having the unmanned aid station twice, there will be a fully-stocked aid station at the 11 mile point with warm food.  This course is just as challenging as a 50k race – harder in high snow years.


  • No snowshoes, skis or other special floatation devices allowed.
  • Ski poles are allowed.
  • Traction devices are allowed, e.g., MicroSpikes, YakTrax, etc.
  • Required gear, as listed below, will be checked at registration and at the finish line.  These are minimums.  I’d suggest carrying more.
    • 40 oz of fluids
    • 400 calories of food
    • Firestarter
    • Wind coat
    • Long pants
    • Warm hat
    • Gloves or mitts
    • Emergency whistle
    • Mylar emergency “space” blanket
    • 22 milers must have a headlamp or flashlight with them on the second loop.
  • Cutoff: 22 mile racers must finish the first loop in 3:30 to be allowed to continue.
  • BE PREPARED.  There is no way off of the loop until the finish.  If injured, it may take hours to recover your body, er, I mean rescue you.
  • As difficult as it may seem when you are out there, just enjoy…

For an idea of how hard this race is go to:


Directions to the Start Line:

Location changes depending on snow conditions and inaccessibility.  Email the race director for current directions.